6 WordPress Updates in 6 Months

Wordpress Update

WordPress is a great cross platform website solution that has easily kept up to the ever changing landscape of the internet but just because it can be Do-It-Yourself doesn’t mean it’s not time consuming or easy for most people to get around under the hood.

I have been working with WordPress since 2005 while it was in version 1.5. Not that long in human years but it’s been a world of experience in tech years. It has gone through a copious amount of changes since then, currently in version 3.9.1.  There have been 6 WordPress updates in 6 months from December 2013 to May 2014 . The next one is scheduled for August 13, 2014 and this will be a new release: Version 4.0.

What does this mean to me?

WordPress is free and open source and the theme you are using is more than likely from another company and each plugin you are using is probably from as many different companies as there are plugins, (many free and open source). With any new WordPress version, some plugins and themes might not work anymore. In order to avoid issues it’s a good idea to deactivate all plugins before updating. Because of the possibility of things going wrong the best thing to do is back up your website before starting an update. Maybe the better thing to do is ask us to do it for you. We’re happy to help.

Why update my WordPress Website, it’s working fine?

I am sure they didn’t want to issue 6 WordPress updates in 6 months so my initial guess is that it was important. Doing a little digging I see version 3.8.2 for example, fixed a host of potential security issues. One problem with not updating is that software always contains security vulnerabilities. So once they’re discovered, it’s easy for a malicious hacker to exploit them. As technology advances and software builds on itself security becomes the biggest issue. Those of you still using very old versions of WordPress may already be in trouble. One prospect (not a client of ours) was unaware their hosting service was used for streaming video — not the family kind. This was accomplished through an old version of WordPress.

How do I Check my WordPress Version?

Login to your administration panel and you will see your version at the bottom of every page. Depending on your version, you will see a notice to update if one is available but remember to back-up first, check if your theme is compatible, update the plugins and deactivate them. Once updated, turn them back on one at a time.

Remember, the next scheduled release is August 13, 2014. Let me know if you want help.

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Paul McEwan has a background rich in education and experience. A strong set of transferable skills have laid a path for a variety of creative outlets, careers and business interests. The short list includes live performance in improv and music, professional recording, event management, promotions, graphic design and publishing. You have seen his creative design work all over the internet, in major newspapers and magazines across Canada, and as interior commercial space for presentation centres and trade shows

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Hailey Nolan » 15 Jul 2015 » Reply

My site would auto update and then i’d find that something wasn’t working with a plugin or a part of the theme occasionally. It felt out of control and it was frustrating because i dont know how to roll back the site when something would go haywire. Anyways, long story short, I started using a wordpress maintenance company and since then i’ve had no worries with any of this. Theres a lot of them to choose from but after speaking with several i went with one.

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