Business Growth

Business Growth

Our passion here is brand innovation and development and how that is aligned with business growth. Big business does this well and it’s why they are big. Small business is terrible at branding. They think, get a logo and hire an SEO person – should be good. A brand is NOT a logo. It’s a unique promise you own and only you can deliver.

For true differentiation – the brand promise MUST be different than anyone else. The promise can not be copied by anyone else. A unique design is based on that promise. Here are some examples:

  • When it absolutely has to be there overnight – UPS
  • The World On Time – Fedex
  • The Happiest Place On Earth – Disney

Out of all our clients we have only one doing branding well and they will move from small business to big business IF they manage their brand well. Their promise is “Real Estate Advice for Life“. Other than the obvious meaning – this also means the following:

  • They give 10% to the David Suzuki Foundation, Eco Justice, Animal Rescue and local schools.
  • They host two huge client appreciation parties a year – comedy, improv, theater, etc (one for adults and one for families).
  • They hand out the checks to the invited organizations in front of everyone during these events
  • They give a $5000 check to the client with the most referrals in the year.
  • The clients feel like they belong to an exclusive group – feel looked after and are helping look after the earth.
  • They offer co-investing real estate planning and community investment tours to Northern BC towns
  • When you meet them there is no denying their dedication to this promise

An Emotional Connection!

Although others could use that tag line, no one around here can own “Real Estate Advice for Life” like they do.

This clientele becomes their Tribe and their tribe don’t just tell others about it, they practically YELL it. Their marketing materials appeal to the target but are secondary support to the the referrals and buzz. Website conversion just happens.

If all we are thinking about is “ranking” online in search engines with everyone for anything then many of the clicks are from people who are not your target – no emotional connection. Your competition is every other real estate search site starting with – now it’s just a game of SEO budget between you and them.

Why not create a dedicated audience that loves you? Create a tribe.

About The Author

Paul McEwan has a background rich in education and experience. A strong set of transferable skills have laid a path for a variety of creative outlets, careers and business interests. The short list includes live performance in improv and music, professional recording, event management, promotions, graphic design and publishing. You have seen his creative design work all over the internet, in major newspapers and magazines across Canada, and as interior commercial space for presentation centres and trade shows

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