Full Colour Notepads for 26 Cents

Full Colour Notepads for 26 Cents

We are putting together another notepad printing order. We don’t actually do the printing ourselves. We combine multiple orders together to get the best deal we can — full colour notepads for 26 cents each. The printer is a company here in Vancouver. You’ll be dealing with them directly. We don’t stand to gain anything ourselves. We know a good deal when we see one and want to help.

What a deal we get!
Only $260* per 1000 lot (Full Colour)

Here’s how it works. To get a deal like this we have to order a minimum of 6000 notepads. Combining orders like this is also known as gang printing. They are divided into lots of 1000 (or 6 orders). Each lot is $260 plus taxes. You can take as many orders as you like. Pretty sweet. Want in? Contact me. We only do this once a month so hurry and reserve your spot.

The Details

Each pad is:

  • 3.5″ x 8.5″ in size (can fit in an envelope)
  • Full Colour (no bleed)
  • 24lb paper stock
  • 20 sheets each
  • Cardboard back

If you have never had a notepad designed please contact us to find out how to make that happen.


× *The quoted price of $260/1000 notepads is for existing and approved notepad designs described in the details above. Design charges extra.

About The Author

Paul McEwan has a background rich in education and experience. A strong set of transferable skills have laid a path for a variety of creative outlets, careers and business interests. The short list includes live performance in improv and music, professional recording, event management, promotions, graphic design and publishing. You have seen his creative design work all over the internet, in major newspapers and magazines across Canada, and as interior commercial space for presentation centres and trade shows

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