BetterLiving Custom Real Estate Website


Leilani Fong

Better Living Group

Logo, Brand,
Custom Real Estate Website


This project grew all the way from the logo to a fully branded Custom Real Estate Website with content, searches and community pages. A large undertaking with a tonne of content. The plan and goals where lofty so we needed to find a way to keep the project energized to avoid publishing the final project into a cloud of relief that it’s over.


The larger a project the more we need to keep a lid on the steam driving the creative engine so it doesn’t dissipate. Publishing in versions is the best way to work on a project like this. Creating Version Releases of your website is a great idea for a number of reasons and BetterLiving Group have done it right. During the build of their Custom Real Estate Website, myRealPage released a new Weblet in their websites for real estate platform called Neighborhood pages. As you can see we made full use of them here.

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