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WordPress Update

Do you own a WordPress website? Then I strongly suggest that you update to WordPress 4.0. Why? because this version is called Benny Goodman and that’s darn cute. The real reason is how much easier it will make your life. But as always there are things to consider especially if you are using a tricked out theme purchased from a third party theme supplier. I bet a dollar to doughnuts that you are.

One of the main features of this new version is the ability to copy and paste a YouTube link into the content writing pane for embedding a video in your post. But. Most third party themes come with a built in plugin to do this and it usually involves some convoluted procedure. Albeit the third party plugin is a much more feature rich experience but the question remains: Will this feature, and others like it, interfere with your tricked out custom theme? I dunno. Really. I don’t. Here’s how we find out.

What we do to update WordPress

  • Check the theme supplier for known issues against the latest version of WordPress
  • Backup the Database and the theme
  • Update all plugins and then deactivate
  • Update the theme (If one exists)
  • Update the WordPress Platform
  • Re-activate the plugins and test the site.

Of course, I can help. Wouldn’t be posting about something I know nothing about so get a hold of us here. We also have monthly maintenance packages that will ensure your site is up to date and squeaky clean. Don’t forget, WordPress had 6 updates in 6 months. Stay on top of it. Update to WordPress 4.0.

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