Updates to our Hosting Control Panel

Updates to our Hosting Control Panel

At TribalYell our clients get to use the Hepsia (pronounced hepsee) control panel in their hosting accounts. CPanel is the most popular hosting control panel but that doesn’t mean it’s the best. There are a lot of Hepsia vs cPanel blog posts around to demonstrate Hespia wins and it’s the easiest to use. Watch the video and learn more about it at hepsia.com. Now there have been recent updates to our hosting control panel.

A visual update has been made to the Upgrades section of the Hepsia Control Panel to help you keep an eye on resource usage in real time and get a clear idea of what features your sites are hungry for.

This will help you make an informed choice about which service(s) to upgrade and thus prevent any eventual downtimes for your sites and applications.

hepsia-upgrades-account-usageVisual improvements to the resource usage table

You may often get lost amidst the tons of features and resources your web hosting account comes with. This may often leave you confused about the resources your sites have already consumed and how much is left for you to use.

This is why, we tweaked the resource usage table in the sidebar by adding different colors in the progress bar:

Four progress bar colors correspond to the following resource usage situations:

Grey – you are taking advantage of up to 1/6 of the allocated resources;

Green – your resource usage is within reasonable limits and you have nothing to worry about;

Orange – you are reaching a critical resource usage level and are advised to upgrade in order to avoid full resource exhaustion;

Red – you have already reached a critical resource usage level and are prompted to upgrade immediately. In this case the whole section is linked to the checkout form to ease the upgrade.

NOTE: The table of resources is updated in real time, so whenever there is an update to the usage status, it will be reflected in the table without you needing to refresh the page.

Newly added section-specific resource usage bars

In addition to the improved resource usage table, which can be accessed from within all Control Panel sections, you will also see small progress bars dedicated to a particular feature depending on the section you are in:


Visual improvements to the My Domain Names table

Apart from the resource usage table, we’ve also improved the visibility of the domain names table:


Through the use of different colors, you will now be more visually alerted of the expiring and expired domain names in your hosting account. Also, you will now be able to renew your domains directly from the table, without needing to go to the Domain Manager beforehand. This is valid for both single and bulk domain renewals.

In the Domain Manager itself, you will also see progress bar alerts about domains that are nearing expiration or have already expired:


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